Hey Provost, some of our 6th graders are learning so much about other countries and cultures in our world. In Mr. Sprunger’s class, these 6th graders play an interactive class game that involves researching and sharing amazing information about a specific country and people. They are divided into teams and each team has a supply list and a game piece on a map. The student teams move around on the map based on how much research they have completed and taught to the class.  They can also move based on their growing knowledge of the geography of each continent. The students really enjoy the time at the end of the day when they draw “fate” cards, which may mean their group has to do crazy things like sing to the class, wear costumes the next day, or lose all their supplies in the Bermuda Triangle. They love the game because they gain so much knowledge about the world around them. They are talking daily about types of government, important historical figures, foods, language, and culture. Wow! What a great way to learn!