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Last modified: September 3, 2020

Magnetism Project


*This is an INDEPENDENT project, but you can get help from a partner, if it is needed.

You will be researching about magnets, so you can use the information to write an informational essay and create a keynote presentation.

First, you will use the links on this  page to learn all you can about magnets. Be sure to take notes in your science notebook.

Next you will use the informational essay “pattern” we learned in class to write a 5 paragraph essay in UtahCompose that explains the following topics:

(click here for the essay pattern)

  1. How Magnets Work
  2. Magnetic Fields
  3. Types of Magnets

When your essay is finished, you will create a keynote presentation that explains the following topics:

1. How the Earth is a Giant Magnet   2. What’s a Compass and the History of Compasses   3. How a compass works   4. How to make a home-made compass

*Do NOT start your keynote until your essay is DONE!

Assignment Checklist

1.  Write an INTRODUCTION paragraph to introduce your topic (5-7 sentences).

2.  Use the 3 Main Idea sentences from the Introduction paragraph to write 3  Body paragraphs.

3.  Write a CONCLUSION paragraph to summarize your topic (5-7 sentences).

4.  Revise & Edit every sentence.

Magnets and Magnetism Research Resources

  • Magnetism Video: This video will introduce you to magnets and magnetism.
  • Magnetism Article: This article will give you an introduction to magnets and the science words you need to understand.
  • Magnets: The Kidipede website explains what magnetism is in easy to understand terms.
  • Magnetism by Fact Monster: The colorful, kid-friendly website discusses what magnetism is, magnetic materials, the basis of magnetism and other topics.
  • Magnet Man-Cool Experiments With Magnets: This excellent website not only explains things such as different types of magnets but also offers fun magnet experiments.
  • Snacks About Magnetism: Fun experiment ideas are provided in this article which involve different areas of magnetism.
  • Magnetism and the Magnetosphere: This excellent article provides information on magnetism, the magnetosphere and magnetic field lines among other relevant topics.
  • Creative Kids at Home-Magnets: A great kid-friendly website which discusses magnets and provides trivia questions and magnet experiments.
  • Science Games for Kids-Magnets & Springs: The website offers a fun activity for kids regarding magnets.
  • Magnets Lesson Plan: A simple lesson plan idea to explore magnetic forces and how they go through various materials.
  • Electricity and Magnetism: The website offers numerous experiments regarding magnetism and electricity and is intended for fourth grade students.
  • Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities: The article discusses many different people who had something to do with electromagnetism such as Benjamin Franklin and Joseph Priestly.
  • Exploring Magnetism: The website offers two different session lesson plans regarding magnetism.
  • Magnets 2-How Strong is Your Magnet?: This is lesson plan concerning the strength of a magnet in regard to distance and barriers.
  • Magnets-Polarity: A lesson plan intended for elementary school students and concerning the polarity of magnets.
  • Magnets Webquest: A webquest that will help you learn all about magnets and magnetism.
  • Magnetism & Electricity: A website that explains what a magnet is and describes the different types of magnets. It also explains the relationship between magnetism and electricity.
  • Magnetism: This website has a slideshow that explains the properties of magnetism.
  • Magnetism Matching: This website has a memory matching activity with magnetism and electricity vocabulary terms.
  • Magnets & Magnetic Fields: This article explains how magnets work and what magnetic fields are.
  • Magnetism Game:  This site has a game for you to play. It requires you to use the knowledge you’ve gained about magnets.
  • Magnetism and the Earth: This site explains magnetism and how the Earth is a magnet.
  • Magnetic Earth: This site explains how the earth is a giant magnet and how a compass works.
  • Earth’s Magnetism: This site explains how and why the earth is magnetic.
  • Compass Video: This video will introduce you to compasses and how they work.
  • Compasses: This site what a compass is and how it works.
  • Making a Compass: This site explains how to make a home-made compass.
  • Making a Compass 2: This site explains other ways to make compasses.