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Last modified: October 18, 2021

American Presidents Research Project

Your assignment is to independently research and learn about a specific time in American history by studying a U.S. president. Your president was assigned randomly and cannot be switched. The details of your research requirements are listed below.

Research Requirements:

  1. Write a 5 paragraph biography report that summarizes information about where and when the president was born & died, as well as, his childhood family.
  2. Identify 3-5 facts about the president’s life before he became president.
  3. Identify the years the president was in office and who his Vice-President was.
  4. Name the political party of the president and his home state.
  5. Describe 2 or more of the major accomplishments of the president, while he was in office.
  6. Name at least 1 of the obstacles or failures the president faced while in and out of office.
  7. List 3-5 facts about your president that you found interesting.
  8. Describe at least 3 events that happened in America or the world during the president’s time in office. The descriptions of the events should be 1 paragraph each.
  9. Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph that explains your opinion of the president with supporting reasons.
  10. Write a 1 paragraph explanation of the 3 branches of the United State’s government.
  11. List the responsibilities of a President of the United States.
  12. Write a 1 paragraph explanation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  13. Create a bibliography/reference page that lists the resources you used to find your information. Be sure to include the title, author, and/or websites.

Project Requirements:

  1. Create a poster that displays ALL of the above information, except the biography report.
  2. Your poster will also need the following: a title, a picture of the president, and your name
  3. You will need to type your information and save it in a pages document.
  4. AFTER, all of your research information is typed, go back to the research requirement list and be sure you have finished all of the assignment.
  5. AFTER, you are sure ALL of the assignment is finished, have a partner read your work and give you feedback on questions they may have, things you might need to correct, and ideas to make it better.
  6. When this is done, you will be able to print your work and create your poster.

 Research Resources:

Student US President Assignments

George W. Bush:  

Bill Clinton:   

George H.W. Bush:   

Ronald Reagan: 

Jimmy Carter: 

Gerald Ford:  

Lyndon Johnson: 

John Kennedy:   Garrett

Dwight Eisenhower:   

Harry Truman:  

Franklin Roosevelt: Destiny 

Herbert Hoover:  

Calvin Coolidge:  

Woodrow Wilson: 

William Taft: 

Theodore Roosevelt: Marlin

William McKinley: 

Grover Cleveland: 

Rutherford Hayes:   

Ulysses Grant:  Mikey

Abraham Lincoln:   MaKenzie

James Buchanan:  

Franklin Pierce:   

James Polk: 

Andrew Jackson:  

John Quincy Adams: 

James Monroe: 

James Madison: 

Thomas Jefferson: Lauty

John Adams: Kyler

George Washington: Macie