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Last modified: September 3, 2020

Rubric for 5th Grade Persuasive Writing



This paper is clear, focused, and persuasive. It holds the reader’s attention.

Relevant anecdotes and details enrich the main idea.

*The writer expresses his/her opinion in a convincing manner by providing ample


* The writer shows insight and has a good sense of how ideas connect with one


*The writing has balance. A main idea stands out; secondary ideas do not usurp

too much attention.

*The writer seems to be in control, and orchestrates development of the topic in an

enlightening, or entertaining way.

* The writer acknowledges other opinions about the subject



The organization enhances and showcases the main idea. The order, structure, and

presentation move the reader nicely through the text.

*An inviting introduction draws the reader in, and a satisfying conclusion leaves the

reader with a sense of completeness.

*Details seem to fit where they are placed.

*Transitions are smooth and weave the separate threads of meaning into one

cohesive whole.

* The writing is well balanced and moves along smoothly.

* Organization flows so smoothly that the reader may not be conscious of

organizational patterns or structure unless looking for them.



The writer speaks directly to the audience in a way that is individualistic,

expressive, and engaging. Clearly, the writer is involved in the topic and is writing

to be read.

*The writer is willing to take some risks.

* The paper has the ring of conviction.

* The language is natural; it brings the topic to life.

* The reader feels a strong sense of interaction with the writer and senses the

person behind the words.

* The projected tone and voice clarify and give flavor to the writer’s message.



Words convey the intended message in an interesting, precise, and natural way.

The writing is full and rich, yet concise.

* Words are specific and accurate: they seem just right.

* Imagery is strong.

* Powerful verbs give the writing energy.

* Vocabulary may be striking, but it’s natural, and never overdone.

* Expression is fresh and appealing; slang is used sparingly.



The writing has an easy flow and rhythm when read aloud. Sentences are

consistently well-crafted with a varied structure that makes expressive oral reading

easy and enjoyable.

* Sentence structure strongly reflects a logic that shows how the ideas are


*The writing sounds natural and fluent; it glides along with effective phrasing, one

sentence flowing effortlessly into the next.

* Writing is appropriately concise, yet not terse. Sentences display an effective

combination of power and grace.

*Sentences vary in structure and length, adding interest to the text.



The writer demonstrates a good grasp of standard writing conventions,* and uses

them effectively to enhance readability.

Errors tend to be so few and so minor that the reader can easily skim right over


* Grammar and usage are correct and contribute to clarity and style.

* Punctuation is smooth, so it guides the reader through the text.

* Spelling is generally correct, even on more difficult words.

* The writer may manipulate conventions—particularly grammar—for stylistic effect.

* The writing is sufficiently long and complex to allow the writer to show skill in using

a wide range of conventions.

* Paragraphing tends to be sound and to reinforce the organizational structure.