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Last modified: December 10, 2018

Black, Amy

August, 2018

Dear First Grader and Parents:

Let’s celebrate!  Another school year is already here.   I love teaching and will do everything I can to make the year wonderful for your child.  There will be lots of learning, work and fun.  You will see lots of growth in your child in First Grade.

The following is a list of school supply donations that we will use in our class.  If possible it would be great if you could supply them.  No matter what, though, your child will have materials to use for their work.  Some supplies will be shared and others will be kept in your student’s own school box/desk:

Backpack (marked with your child’s name)

1 school box, 5” x 8” size please

1 pair of scissors   (marked with name)

24-count crayons  (to go in personal box)

1 box of water base markers  (to go in personal box)

5 large glue sticks or 10 small glue sticks

last name A – M  box of sandwich baggies & pack of paper plates

last name N – Z  box of gallon Ziploc bags & 1 box of tissues

Thanks very much, I look forward to seeing you!

Mrs. Black