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Last modified: January 11, 2023


  1. Practice writing your first AND last name: start with a capital, the rest are lower case.
  2. Please watch how your child holds a pencil and scissors.  This is a crucial habit-forming time, and your child will be much more comfortable and successful in writing and cutting if s/he learns to hold these items correctly.  They should use a 2-finger pinch on the pencil, at the bottom of the paint, with the pencil resting against the 3rd finger.  Scissors are held with the thumb in the small hole, the first 2-3 fingers in the bigger hole, with the thumb on top while cutting. Please practice this at home.
  3. Official homework assignments and options:
    • READING!:  The most important homework is READING, every day!  Please read with, or to, your child for at least 15 minutes daily.  (Information on tracking reading for the “Road to Success” program is in the sidebar under “RTS Access.”  Alternatively, you can fill out the paper log–it comes home on Monday, or you can download it from the sidebar–and return it first thing Monday.)
    • MONTHLY HOMEWORK CALENDAR:   Complete as many activities as possible on the September homework calendar that came home last week.  Students can earn free books or other prizes by completing at least 3 activities each week from the monthly homework calendar. Parents, initial the small box for the days in which your child completes a homework activity. They are due the last day of the month.  March Homework Calendars will be  due the week of March 30. 
    • STEAM HOMEWORK:  I will also post an optional STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) homework assignment each month (see the sidebar to the left), which is to be completed with one or more family members.  Again, prizes are awarded for completing these.  Also, students who complete the STEAM assignments are invited to bring in their projects to present to the class during the last week of the month.  March STEAM projects will be due the week of March 30.   (Ignore the due date on the link.)

Hard copies of the above come home at the beginning of the month. Additional homework will be assigned as needs/topics arise, and as the year progresses.




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