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Last modified: November 19, 2021


Provost 2nd Graders LOVE to play the violin! Starting in kindergarten, they learn their rhythms and sing a LOT. Moving on to 1st grade, they become familiar with how different instruments sound, learn “movable do” solfege (especially DO, MI, and SOL), and begin to learn the violin. By the time the 2nd grade comes around, they are well on their way to being beginner musicians!

What Do We Learn?

In the students’ second year of learning the violin in school, there is a lot of work to do! In 1st grade, they learned all the posture and prose and played several pieces using the open strings. A lot of time spent in 2nd grade goes to the learning of playing with fingers on the strings and making GOOD tone with the bow on the strings. Utilizing music from Suzuki, String Time Beginners, and other methods, 2nd graders at Provost get a wide exposure to early violin repertoire.