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Last modified: June 17, 2020

Class Overview

Goals and Assignments for Children in Miss Dickson’s 3rd Grade Class


Homework will be handed out on Monday and is due every Friday.  All assignments will be detailed in their Dickson Class News.  For children completing and handing in all of their assignments at the beginning of school on Friday, there will be a special Friday activity.  If any assignment is not completed, children will not be allowed to participate in the Friday activity.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Homework consists of the following:

  • One writing assignment (This assignment must be neatly written and have correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  If these assignments are not neatly done, they will need to be redone.)  There will be many different types of writing assignments.
  • Math Facts—Students will be required to practice math facts at least 4 times a week.  If practicing on weekends will help your child get the required number of days in, please use that time.   Short, frequent practices (5 or 10 minutes) are better than long ones.  If students know the facts assigned quickly (2 to 3 seconds per fact) please move to new facts please.  Each week facts children need to know will be listed in Dickson’s Class News.  Please keep up because it becomes very hard to catch up if you get behind.
  • Math Sheet—This sheet covers information learned the previous week in school or reviews previously learned math concepts.
  • Spelling Practice—Each week we will cover one or two spelling rules.  All words on the test will follow that rule. Remembering the rule will help the child with the test.  A student’s spelling ability will determine how much practice they need.  However, two days a week minimum practice is required.  If your child is struggling, they will need to practice more.  Look at the website for ways to practice.  Choose at least 2 ways to practice and hand them in with each week’s assignment.
  • Reading Calendar and Reading Challenge—Students are to hand in their calendars at the end of each week.  The days and number of minutes your child read must be filled in.  Children will be required to read 20 minutes 5 days a week.  Children need to spread their reading out over the week.  They should not do it in one evening. Weekend reading counts. If children do extra reading, please note that on their chart.  If your child loses their calendar, they can make a new one or bring a note from home signed by a parent that tells how many minutes they read.

Each child will have an individual reading challenge chosen from those listed on the next page.

Math Goal (Finish by April)

Math Excellence (Class Activity Party)

  •   Addition Facts: 2 — 100s sheets in 4 minutes
  • Subtraction Facts: 2 — 100s sheets in 5 minutes
  • Multiplication Facts  (1 – 10s): 2 — 100s sheets in 4 minutes


  • Addition Facts: 2 — 100s sheets in 4 minutes
  • Subtraction Facts:2 — 100s sheets in 4 minutes
  • Multiplication Facts (11 and 12s): 2 — sheets in 1.5 minutes
  • Division Facts: 2 — 100s sheets in 4 minutes