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Provost Elementary School

Please remember that if your student is sick, they should stay home from school. Below are some guidelines to follow:

Symptom:                                                                                        Return to school:

Fever>100.4                                                                                      When fever free for 48hrs without using fever-reducing medication

Cough or wheezing                                                                          When cough is no longer persistent and is improving

Sore throat                                                                                        When sore throat is resolved

Nasal congestion with green or yellow drainage                      When drainage is resolved

Thank you for your help with keeping students healthy at school!

Thank you to everyone that donated clothing to use in the health room! Clothing donations are still needed!

Girls: NEW underwear size 6 & size 5, 6, 7 elastic-waisted pants

Socks: any child size (can be used, but clean)


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