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Last modified: January 11, 2023

Book Check out Policy

Before Students can check out books I must have the “Provost Library Media Center Borrower’s Card paper turned in.  This must be signed by the student and the parent.  When you sign this card you are promising to help your students take care of their library books.  If a book is lost or damaged you will help with the cost of replacing that book so other students can continue to check it out.  Check out is for 2 weeks.  Your students can then renew their book if needed.

Below is how many books students in each grade can check out

  • Kindergarten – 1 book
  • 1st grade- 1 book/ 2 books come January
  • 2nd grade – 2 books
  • 3rd grade- 2 books / 3 books come January
  • 4th grade- 3 books/ 4 books come January
  • 5th grade – 4 books/ 5 books come January
  • 6th grade – 5 books / 6 books come January

Your student can check out more than this number if they have a note from you giving them permission.