Principal's Message

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Hello and welcome to another great school year!  I am excited about the possibilities for our students and helping them realize their potential.  Our students have big dreams that can really come true if they learn to make responsible choices early in life.  Provost has the students and staff that help us be one of the highest achieving schools in the district!  I am so proud of our hard-working students and staff!  In our 60th year, Provost is not only one of the highest achieving schools, but also one of the best maintained.  We have also added more choices for students in our before/after school programs.  New opportunities in golf, ceramics, photography, and art will be added to existing programs such as chess, running club, cooking, sewing, orchestra, choir, etc., to give students a wide variety of exciting ways to try and develop their skills.

We continue to update our technology base and this year all teachers will have an interactive Promethean board with projector in their room.  Promethean technology helps teachers make learning more interactive and brings the elements of color, graphics, and the latest databases to our students in an instant.  We will also be installing new computers in every classroom, and even more of our rooms will be getting the pinnacle of technology support- becoming emits classrooms!

Provost has the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the district, and we have great community and family support for education- a winning combination!  Provost IS the place to be!

We hope this school year is a memorable one for the best and most responsible students in Provo!

Sincerely, Dr. Oliverson