Singing, dancing, and synchronized swimming? If you’re wondering how all of these connect, you’ll have to keep reading!

Our incredible Cougars stunned audience members with their show of talent, preparation, musicianship and cultural diversity at our recent variety show.  This annual tradition gives students a chance to appreciate one another’s skills-and let’s  not forget-to show off a little!

We were oohed and awed as instrumental pieces (some of student composition), and singing filled the stage.  We were moved by dances in their many forms and countries of origin.  We laughed along with skits, jokes, and even a twosome going on strike. One of our favorites was a group of boys showing off their swimming skills. Watching past the pool, which happened to be a sheet of blue plastic,  audience members cheered at these fellow’s ingenuity and humor while doing the unexpected.

With great performers and a great turnout this year, we are so excited to see what amazing feats our students come up with to wow us next time. Great job Provost!