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Hey Provost, Mrs. Rebecca Larsen has been one of our 1st grade teachers for a few years now and we are so lucky and grateful to have her with us.

We asked her some questions about herself and these are the answers that she gave us.

What is your favorite food? “Either tacos or pulled pork sandwiches.”

What are your favorite things to do to pass the time? “I like playing board games and card games with my family and taking my dogs on walks. I also enjoy being outdoors and exploring Utah.”

Where did you grow up? “In Clovis, California.”

What’s a funny story that you can tell about yourself? “One time my husband and I went on an adventure with our neighbors who are our best friends. We went off roading and were trying to find our way back to the main road. We were in our neighbor’s truck and were going through a dirt field. It was SO bumpy we were bouncing in our seats trying not to hit the roof of the car even with our seatbelts on. We were all laughing. It was a good time.”

What are your favorite books? “I love Children’s books! I have quite the collection. My favorites are Rosie Revere Engineer, The Big Book of Bugs, and If you Give a Pig a Pancake (or any in that series).”

We love having Mrs. Larsen as part of our staff. She is kind, funny, gentle and her students absolutely adore her! If your student has or had Mrs. Larsen in the past as a teacher- give her a quick shoutout!


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