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Hey Provost,

Come visit the book fair before or after school, or during SEP conferences! 50% of all purchases come back to the school in Free materials. We use this to supply prizes for reading, birthday books, classroom books and so much more!

Book Fair Hours

  • Monday, January 30th: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Tuesday, January 31st – Friday, February 3rd:  8:00 am- 4:30 pm
  • The Book Fair will close every day at 4:30 pm for cleaning.

Cougar Bucks

Every student will receive at least $1.00 for the book fair. This discount must be used towards the purchase of a book, a cookie, or something out of our dollar bin. (Because we don’t know how much our fair will make, I pre-purchased items for students to use their cougar bucks on) They can not be used for other fair items such as posters, markers, spy pens, etc.

Student Shopping

Students will be allowed to shop at the book fair during their scheduled library time the week of the book fair, or before and after school during the above hours.

Online Shopping

All book fair items can be purchased online as well as in person. Items purchased online will ship to the school for free 2 weeks after the book fair closes.

Student E-Wallet

E-wallets are amazing! They allow students to purchase items without the exchange of cash, and only as much as parents have previously agreed upon. It’s easy to create and easy to fund. Just click or type in the link  below to set up an e-wallet for your student.


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