1. If a student orders a breakfast or lunch for the next day, he or she will be released to the cafeteria to pick up that order. If you would like to order meals, you may do so at this link:

Meal Order Form

2. Students who walk or get picked up from Utah avenue need to meet up at the back of the school. However, if he or she has a sibling that is in kindergarten, then they can pick up their kindergarten sibling by the flagpole, and THEN go toward the back of the school.

3. Students that are getting picked up at the front of the school will be released and asked to go to the cafeteria. Siblings can meet up here.  Those meeting younger siblings in kindergarten can then wait outside by the wall where teachers will help them connect and usher them to their rides.

Meet up spots for siblings and friends:  If your child usually meets up with a sibling or friend to walk home, we ask that you help them in establishing a meeting spot in the back of the school.

It was a fantastic first couple of days of school. Thank you for working with us to ensure that our school is safe, functioning well and a place where the students want to be.