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Last modified: September 18, 2019

Community Council

Community Council Members

 Oliverson, Steve
  • Principal
  • Oliverson, Steve
 Guymon, Vicki
  • Secretary
  • Guymon, Vicki
 Black, Amy
 Guthrie, Nancy
  • Chair
  • Guthrie, Nancy
 Neiser, Ben
  • Vice Chair
  • Neiser, Ben
 Denny, Karson
  • Member
  • Denny, Karson
 Beltran, Ruth
  • Member
  • Beltran, Ruth
 DeLange, Meagan
  • Member
  • DeLange, Meagan

Parents are invited to consider serving on the Provost Community Council. Parents that become Council members can directly influence how allotted Land Trust funds are used to better students’ educational experience.

Community Council Schedule 2019-2020

All meetings are held at Provost in the conference room.

If you want to submit information for the the bi-monthly newsletter, email Jennifer Wilson (

Community Council Meeting Notes

Trustland Information

Provost received approximately $42,000 for the 2017-18 school year! Here’s how our funds were spent last year:

Additional information & resources are available on the School LAND Trust website

City Council Meetings

Some City Council meetings are open to the public. They are held at:

Watch City Council Meetings

Come in person or watch online. If you are unable to attend a Council meeting in person, you can watch a live broadcast from your computer or view a video recording later.