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Provost Elementary School

Last modified: September 17, 2020

Community Council

Opportunity to Serve for Parents

The school community council is composed of parents, teachers, and administrators with the purpose of advocating for the students of Provost Elementary in deciding how to allocate the School LAND Trust funds. Any parent from the school can run for a position in the council and any parent is welcome to attend these meetings, regardless of being elected or not. Parents that become members can directly influence how allotted TrustLand funds are used to better students’ educational experience. Please contact the front office about serving on the council and leave your information with them.

Council Members

Parents are invited to consider serving on the Provost Community Council.

Council Schedule 2020-2021

All meetings are held at Provost in the conference room.

If you want to submit information for the the bi-monthly newsletter, email Jennifer Wilson (

Meeting Notes

Trustland Information

Provost received $57,781 for the 2019-2020 school year! Here’s how our funds were spent last year:

Additional information & resources are available on the School LAND Trust website

TSSA Plan 2019-2020

Provost Elementary received $40,410 of “one-time” money in the Fall of 2019 for use in the 2019-2020 school year. This money was used to hire an additional half-day 5th Grade teacher to help in a class of 34 students. This additional teacher also allows one of our 5th Grade teachers to fill a role as an in-school teacher academic coach and will be able to spend more time helping teachers who work on their goals in literacy and numeracy, or on their early years enhancement portfolios. Our coach will do 45 coaching cycles this year thanks to the “one-time” TSSA money.