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Provost Elementary School

Dear Provost Parents & Visitors,

It is now mandated by the Provo City School District that all parents and visitors bring their identification with them when entering the school. This is due to the new security system that has been implemented in all of the schools within the Provo City School District.

An ID scanner has been placed in the front entrance next to the front office. Each parent or visitor needs to scan their ID and follow the prompts on the screen until the process is completed. If done correctly, a sticker with the name and picture of the parent or visitor will be given to the parent or visitor by the front office administrative assistants.

PLEASE REMEMBER: All parents or visitors must check back with the front office administrative assistants before leaving the school.

This new procedure is solely for safety reasons; the safety and protection of our students and staff members during school hours is a high level priority.

Effective immediately all parents and visitors will not be permitted inside of the school without identification.

Thank you for you help and patience as we all adapt to this new security process!

P.S. Parents that are only dropping off tardy students DO NOT need to come into the front office with their student.


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